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The festival features the finest to eat and drink from an extensive selection served up by some of the best chefs, culinary hobbyists, and street food vendors in Lagos.
For its iconic fifth edition, the festival will expand from its traditional format to a new look two-day celebration and will be held on two consecutive days at the pinnacle of the festive season: December 26 and 27, 2018.

Very few properties in Nigeria deliver an opportunity on this scale to tap into a city-invading celebration that engaged food-loving consumers obsess, plan and turnout for in tens of thousands. With a number of different lifestyle and gastronomy experiences planned for the 5th edition of #EatDrinkFestival, the event will provide unique integration opportunities and the perfect environment for your brand to deliver meaningful engagement with a passionate millennial audience.

From a marketing perspective, the benefits accrued through experiential marketing at this scale can not be easily replicated. The benefits include, but aren't limited to, the following:
  1. Brand awareness
  2. Brand engagement through event activation
  3. Access to the Eat.Drink.Lagos digital audience (subscriber database, vendor database, and social followers)
  4. Provide bespoke hospitality opportunities for hosting clients and stakeholders
  5. Collaboration on unique branded content
  6. Business generation
  7. Public relations

We work closely with your brand to create bespoke sponsorship packages that will help showcase your brand in its best light. To discuss the 2018 opportunities in more detail, please contact us with the form below: